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About Us
Enthusiasm, professional skill, determination and pride– a winning combination.

What sets us apart? We don’t settle for one size fits all.
Beyond our commitment to helping people lead full lives as independently as possible, what sets TILL apart is our willingness to take carefully considered risks to develop new models of services that are in keeping with what we learn by listening to individuals and families. This innovation is obvious in our entrepreneurial culinary and food service programs, as well as our residential Creative Living Options. Our sports, fitness and recreation programs create respect and confidence in one’s talents and those of others. Join us in TILL games, Springboard, April Madness and travel clubs to witness this excitement first hand. Look further and you will find that this energy and curiosity guides all of our work. We are committed today as when we began in 1980 to set trends in models of community based care. We take the trust that families, funders and individuals place in us to energize us to continue to grow and learn.

It is acceptance of the status quo that inhibits growth.
Humans are by nature, social beings. It is our connection to the community that opens the door to new and enjoyable relationships. To this end, we have designed recreational and social programs which broaden one’s connections and builds self esteem through acquiring new skills and friendships. We pioneered the concept of entrepreneurial ventures and turned them into thriving operations of school and employee cafeterias while training people for employment in culinary arts and food services.

Our services and programs meet individuals where they are—and move together to a whole new level.
We offer an extensive and comprehensive range of residential, clinical, family support services and day and vocational programs that meet the needs of individuals and their families of all ages with disabilities throughout Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire.

We support individuals of all ages with intellectual disabilities, learning differences, mental health disorders, autism spectrum disorders including Asperger's syndrome, physical disabilities, and acquired brain injuries. Staying true to our values, our service models address the unique characteristics of each diagnosis. Despite similar functional needs, we plan our services based on chronological age, specific diagnosis and life experiences.

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+ Our Mission and Vision for the future

TILL is committed to working with individuals and their families to create meaningful lives, connected to oneís community and all that it has to offer.

We realize this mission through individualized residential, vocational, therapeutic, and support service opportunities. We grow, learn and change together with the individuals and families we support. Central to all of our services is the recognition of each personís right to self-expression and self-determination in managing their life.

Our vision is to create partnerships with people seeking services, with families and caregivers, advocacy groups, policy makers and other service providers; to respect the creative, entrepreneurial and professional talents of our staff through teamwork; to recognize the dignity and rights of those requesting services; to acknowledge the value and expertise of the community and caregivers; and to provide leadership in the development of community services.

We pride ourselves on innovation, attention to detail, and on accepting nothing less than excellence in the delivery of our services. We are committed to creating a professional environment which is exciting, dynamic and supports people through all stages of life.

TILL recognizes that an invaluable resource lies in its work force and is therefore committed to creating a work environment which expands learning, offers career growth opportunities working in the field, and satisfaction in knowing that each of us can and does MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someone elseís life.

+ Individuals and Families

Individualized Service
TILL personalizes services to meet each individuals wishes, strengths and challenges, anticipating their ever changing needs.

Well Trained, Caring Staff
TILL’s commitment to training and development of its employees, makes us an industry leader in staff retention.  Our staff is instilled with caring, compassion and dedication to the individuals and families they support.

Responsive, Professional Management
TILL has decades of experience in working closely with families to listen to their needs, respond to their queries and take action. As a result of our responsiveness, TILL brings their vision to fruition.

Safe, Beautifully Designed Environments
TILL holds high standards for safety and values the aesthetics of one's environment to ensure that they are personalized, attractive and well maintained.

Innovative, Continually Developing Services
TILL is an organization that continues to grow and offer new opportunities to its individuals.  TILL is extremely diligent in seeking out new and innovative funding sources that will continue to support our desire to grow in areas that are currently under served.

Integrated in Communities throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire
TILL facilitates its individuals in utilizing the abundance of resources found within their communities.  This sense of connection compels each individual’s desire to give back to the community in which they live, work and play.

+ Employees

Comprehensive Benefit Package
TILL offers our employees a competitive benefit package.  Just a few of our many benefits include; competitive pay rates, superior health and dental insurance, and generous paid time off.

Wealth of Compensation
In addition to competitive pay rates, TILL offers recruitment bonuses, tuition opportunities, life and long term disability insurance and a 403B retirement plan, the employer match.

Variety of Employment Opportunities
TILL provides a great variety of schedules to help employees meet a work life balance.  Opportunities exist for full or part-time, per diem, day, evening, weekend and overnight employment.

Career Development
TILL believes in providing career development opportunities. TILL’s commitment to training of its employees makes us an industry leader in staff retention. TILL’s size and diversity of services offers many opportunities for mobility with the organization to keep you professionally stimulated.

Pleasant Work Environment
TILL maintains beautifully designed, esthetically pleasing and personalized environments in which our employees enjoy working. TILL Initiative Grants encourage new ideas from within our work force, and student debt relief grants recognize the high cost of education and the burden for our employees.

+ Funding Sources

Superior quality of Services and Supports
The quality of our services and supports is apparent and reflected in our continued achievement of the highest commendations for CARF, Survey & Certification, and Medicaid audits.

Fiscally strong and responsible           
TILL takes its fiscal responsibility to its individuals, employees and funding sources very seriously.  Through astute fiscal management, TILL continues to grow and offer new opportunities for further growth.  We are diligent in seeking out new and innovative funding sources that will continue to support our desire to grow in areas that are currently underserved and to minimize our reliance on any one funding source.

Individualized, consumer driven choices
TILL is proud to be a consumer driven organization offering a myriad of options within each program model. Individuals are key to designing their services.

Responsive and responsible           
Above all, TILL holds itself responsible for the superior quality of its programs.

+ Donors

Efficiency and accountability make a difference
TILL is dedicated to making every dollar count.  Our experienced leaders know how to work efficiently thereby avoid cutting services.

TILL is grateful for Your Donation
TILL recognizes its donors through a personalized “Thank You” letter and a listing in the TILLegram, which reaches thousands of readers.

Always One Step Ahead
TILL prides itself on providing innovative cutting-edge services. Our entrepreneurial vocational businesses and various day and residential models are unique in the field of Human Services.

Support the Program of Your Choice, through Targeted Giving
We are honored to receive directed donations In Memory or In Honor of a loved one. TILL will earmark your donation for any specific program or project you wish.  We guarantee that your donation will have a significant impact on direct services.

Your Donation Has a Direct Impact On Lives                        
Your donation helps us to continue our mission of providing the individuals we support a full active lifestyle in beautiful, safe surroundings.

Helping Us Can Help You Too!
TILL is a recognized 501C3 Not-For-Profit Organization.  Your donation is tax deductable to the fullest extent of the law.

+ Businesses

You Can Count on Us           
TILL has a 35 year track record of dependability!  Our excellence and integrity is evidenced by our repeat customers, stellar reputation and word of mouth referrals from families and funders.

We Deliver on Our Promise
TILL recognizes our responsibility to you, the customer.  Our word is our reputation!

Innovative Visionaries
TILL developed the first successful entrepreneurial catering business as a Massachusetts Human Service agency. By providing vocational training under professional culinary staff, TILL has grown to provide nutritional meals to thousands of students daily in schools and businesses as well as unique gift items available at gift shops, through our Essence of Thyme Catering, Cafes and Gift Shops (ETC). ETC Food Service delivers daily to locations throughout Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, offering quality products and services.

T-is for Terrific staff who are thoughtful, tolerant and talented

I-is for Innovative specialists and directors who are idealistic and innovative

L-is for Leadership qualities of our administrators who set the policies and tone for a responsive environment

L-is for Listening ability of the personnel to hear and respect the concerns of families and provide a safe, secure, and happy life for our children

Anne Larkin, parent


“I realized after only a few months that not only did I enjoy being around the residents and their families, but I really felt I had something to offer to their long term independence.”

Albert, TILL Staff
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