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Support Services
Autism Support Center Services           

Serving Greater Boston and surrounding communities

Special Announcement from DDS re: the Autism Waiver Program Annual Enrollment Period
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TILL is the Autism Support Center for the Boston Metro Region
of the Department of Developmental Services.

As your local Autism Support Center, TILL is thrilled to offer exciting activities and resources that provide information and empowerment to families caring for a loved one with autism.

TILL's Autism Support Center is your main reference point in the community for resources, support and information regarding autism. hat

Our knowledgeable staff will refer you to and assist you with:

  • community trainings, workshops and seminars
  • DDS registration procedures
  • literature and local resource libraries
  • local therapy providers

TILL's Autism Support Center offers families exciting events and opportunities that promote empowerment, training and networking opportunities, such as:

  • monthly neighborhood groups, respecting the cultural and ethnic backgrounds of families
  • exciting Family Fun Days that include apple picking, rock climbing, sledding, in-door gym time, zoo trips, holiday parties and much more
  • small workshops that assist parents and caregivers with what most matters to them
  • informal group discussions that promote community and support from one parent to another
  • ABA insurance paid therapy provided by certified ABA therapists


TILL's Autism Support Center provides support and resources in a way that embraces families' ethnic, cultural and linguistic needs by:

  • using skilled interpreters, whenever needed, at trainings and workshops
  • respecting cultural beliefs and differences during all services provided
  • over 17 neighborhood groups recognizing our various cultures are testimony to our commitment to the power of diversity

TILL's Autism Support Center offers information on community resources and services in the areas of social skill development, sensory integration, vacation programs and more by:climbing

  • developing seasonal social swims
  • conducting monthly inclusion hangout times for adolescents with autism, their siblings and their friends
  • partnering with other agencies to provide innovative and exciting indoor gym sessions

TILL's Autism Support Center offers resources and guidance for families in the Autism Waiver Program by:

  • providing an Autism Support Broker for guidance and assistance
  • providing resources, navigation and answers through the program
  • ABA therapy

TILL's family activity newsletter keeps member families up to date on Autism Support Center activities and events. Check out TILL's Autism Support Center's Family Newsletter
Please note, all participants must RSVP prior to the events.

NEW - TILL's Autism Support Center offers these links as a helpful resource for you and your family.apples

For more information on becoming a TILL Family and taking part in these exciting activities or for additional information about TILL's Autism Support Center Services, please contact our team:

TILL Autism Services
781 302-4835

To register for TILL's Autism Support Center Services,
please complete our secure registration form.

Looking for In-Home ABA Services for Autism? Please visit TILL's ABA Services page for ABA application information and required documentation.

DDS Autism Waiver Program Open Registration

The 2018 Autism Waiver Open Request Period will run October 17 – 31, 2018. Detailed information in Amharic, Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Gujarati, Haitian Creole, Khmer, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese can be found at https://www.mass.gov/lists/dds-autism-waiver-program-open-interest-period. Please be sure to read all requirements and deadlines for submissions.






"We are so pleased with my daughter’s experience this past week at [Social Skills] camp. She was so happy, eager to go each day and wants to do future events. She felt understood by the staff and most importantly, I sensed that she felt that she could be herself and not be guarded. It gave her a glimpse of a group activity that she has not experienced before - ever."

Laura, parent
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