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Clinical Services
Clinical Services

A team approach to client centered care, intervention and service provision

Our team of specialists have the professional credentials, practical experience and a commitment to excellence. Staff bring expertise from a variety of disciplines including psychiatry, psychology, behavioral management, psychotherapy, neurofeedback, nursing, occupational, physical and speech therapy.

Together with direct care staff, our specialized teams develop services and plans which are responsive to each individual’s needs and abilities.

Continuous professional development opportunities keep staff current, dynamic and responsive to the ever changing needs and goals of our consumers and their families.

Maintaining a healthy life style is an essential element of TILL’s community based services. In order to ensure the health and wellness of individuals TILL employs community Registered Nurses who provide medical oversight to our programs. A team of nurses are responsible for clusters of TILL’s residential and day habilitation centers to ensure proper nutrition, safe medication management and proactive health and safety measures.

Nurses serve as liaisons between health care providers and direct support staff, provide extensive agency training and respond to all medical emergency situations.  Some programs with complex medical needs have additional LPN’s on staff.


"Your Strattus clinicians are informative, caring, and dedicated to our clients."

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