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Community Connections

At TILL we believe in the transformative power of community for one's mental, physical and emotional health. We have dedicated an entire department to plan and coordinate community involvement for staff, individuals and their families. People have the opportunity to maximize their community connections in keeping with their unique abilities. Healthy competition stretches one's capacity and increases confidence. This can be achieved through well managed sports and recreation. Our dedicated staff goes to creative lengths to get people involved in their community and expand their social connections.  Individuals are encouraged to contribute to their community through working at food pantries, partaking in sustainable farm projects, and raising money through charitable walks and marathons.

Our community connections department helps build teamwork with staff as well as with those participating in TILL's services. It is always with the same goal, enjoying the world around you by learning about new opportunities, new skills, and developing new relationships. At TILL we believe that work can be fun as well as rewarding in the knowledge that you can make a difference in someone's life. TILL is constantly thinking of new ventures which recognize the value of staff through appreciation events, contests, and the amazing power of team work.

Our bowling leagues, softball tournaments, track and field practices, travel groups, sports training, fitness center, multiple celebrations throughout the year recognizing various religious and cultural holidays are a few ways we bring individuals and the community to our programs and our programs to the community.

TILL Games, a multi-generational sports competition, involves year round training culminating in the annual TILL Games event held at the Reggie Lewis Sports Center. For over 25 years of TILL Games, extended families of staff and individuals have been enthusiastic participants for this inclusive event for athletes of all abilities.

We invite you to watch our video with highlights of past TILL Games and enjoy the excitement of true teamwork.

Rowing on the Charles River as a part of a crew team, aerial views of the world at the Toronto Tower, and becoming part of music and dance troupes are but a few ways TILL gives meaning to being part of the community.







For more information about TILL Games or questions about
TILL's Community Connections department, contact:

Paula Aiesi
Director of Community Connections


“He looks forward to all the different activities; bowling, dancing, playing basketball. I could go on and on. It makes his life complete and when he's happy, we're happy.”

Lorianne, Parent
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