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Individualized Support Options

Go Beyond One Size Fits All.

One size does not fit all, therefore we design Individualized Support Options based on the best match for residential supports. Age, geographic considerations, physical ability, interests and level of support determine the best support arrangement. The end result is always a space where one feels happy and at home.

Individualized Support Options are outlined in four general service model categories, which are explained in greater detail below:

For your convenience, links to TILL's Referral Form and information on becoming a Shared Living Provider can be found below:

Referral and Application Information

Creative Living Options (CLO)

Families are often the driving force behind the development of CLO’s. TILL has worked with numerous family groups resulting in the creation of many privately funded and cost share cooperative residential programs.

We strive to ensure that all Creative Living Options:

  • Support the individual in becoming an active and participating member of his/her home and community.
  • Promote independence, self-determination, self-advocacy and empowerment.
  • Create a healthy collaboration among the provider, family and referral source to meet the individual’s changing needs, preferences and interests.
  • Encourage relationships, social activities and a full life.

A professional caring staff supports all Creative Living Options

Residential support professionals with companion staff and individual support staff combine to provide the level of support needed for the individual. CLOs can take the form of single apartments, condos or independent living paired with outreach support. The benefit of CLOs is their fluidity and flexibility. As people's needs change, so does the nature of the CLO and the support provided. A CLO provides a positive environment which promotes confidence and raises one's self esteem through taking calculated, well informed risks toward independence. The outreach staff guide a person through this process. In some cases a live-in companion resides in the CLO arrangement and provides the "invisible net of support" which is so valuable for growth.

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Shared Living provides personalized attention in a caring home setting

Everyone is different and for some individuals, the best place to thrive and grow is in a trained care provider's home. Funding may be provided by public or private resources or through a cost share. This residential option is based upon the mutual benefit of including an individual with disabilities in an existing family unit. An assessment of needs determines whether such an arrangement is suitable or beneficial to the individual. Homes are located throughout Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

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How does Shared Living work?

TILL recruits caring, responsible families who are then screened to become Care Providers. They may be a single person or a couple, with or without children. The key to the success of such an arrangement is to match the individual's needs and interests with those of the family. After a match is found, a transition period follows which includes a gradual introduction to one another. This can take place over days, weeks, or months, and allows both parties to ensure a successful match. Factors of geography, size of family, age, etc., enter into the decision of a match.
Individuals may choose to stay with a family for a long period of time or use it as a step to a different type of residential arrangement. This is a dynamic process, which involves the individual, the family, TILL, and the referral source.

Shared Living Providers
First and foremost, Care Providers have a desire to open their hearts and home to another person. They play an important role in helping individuals become more independent, and teach skills such as cooking, laundry, money management, communication, and health care. Care Providers must be able to:

  •  Provide a safe, clean living space and private bedroom for this individual.
  • Take part in a formal home study, pass a background check, receive training in CPR and First Aid, and complete an orientation program.

All Care Providers are supported by TILL professional staff and are financially compensated for providing a caring, nurturing environment in which growth and development are central to the arrangement. This includes ongoing supervision, emergency backup, and a network of specialists to call upon for help and advice.

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Individual Community Supports

There are some situations where an individual simply needs support to remain in their own living arrangement. In those instances, a case manager is assigned to work with the person on assessed skill areas such as money and time management, personal organization, medication administration, and meal preparation. These supports are intended to enable the person to function as independently as possible. Services can be funded through public or private arrangements.
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Learn more about our Individualized Support Options.

For more information about program options in Massachusetts, please contact Alan White, TILL's Director of Individualized Support Options at 781-302-4695 or email alan.white@tillinc.org

To submit a referral/application for TILL's Individualized Support Options, please click here to access our secure application form.

If you are interested in becoming a Shared Living Care Provider, caring for a person in your home, please download the information/application packet for more information.

For NH options, please contact Cindy Anderson, Director of Program Services at 781-302-4609 or email cindy.anderson@tillinc.org

“TILL has helped to make my daughter the independent woman she is. She lives on her own, manages all her appointments, works, has an active social life, and is involved in her community. She is happy.”

Phyllis, Parent
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