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Group Residences

Group Residences — Together we make it Home.

lowell Whether it's a stand-alone home, condominium or staffed apartment, each TILL home is beautiful, comfortable and well maintained—a place that anyone would be proud to call home. Residents and families, when appropriate, are involved in decorating individual bedrooms with their personal touches. Common areas are designed to be open and inviting, while meeting the individual needs of each resident. This can mean roll-in showers, modified sinks and counters or overhead ceiling mounted track lifts. But it most certainly means a comfortable place to relax and connect with friends and a place that encourages access in the home and community. View some of the examples of our homes, ones that we have built specifically for individuals and others that have been renovated to accommodate specialized needs. They all have one thing in common, they are part of the community in which they are located.

Create your personalized plan for living.

Residents are involved in designing their own plan through Individual Service Plans (ISPs) that match their personality, abilities and goals. Trained Residential Support Professionals manage the house and activities as residents handle their banking, budgeting, and community life skills. We encourage family involvement in this process as well as participation from a team of specialists as needed including nursing, recreation, speech, occupational and physical therapists, and behavioral supports.

lowell livingroom

A Full Life goes far beyond Four Walls

TILL is committed to living well to maintain an active lifestyle, and remain energized through maintaining the desire to learn about new places, things and people, and that long term friendships last a lifetime. TILL is well known for its unique and exciting recreation activities. April Madness and TILL Games are just two examples of the innovative events enjoyed by the individuals and families who participate in them throughout each year. TILL's Community Connections department provides assistance to staff and residents in developing meaningful relationships, and encouraging ideas, then finding and accessing those preferred activities. Interests and relationships are as unique as a fingerprint. Whether attending family barbecues, teas and picnics; or participating in community social services such as stocking food banks, preparing packages for soldiers, donating to animal shelters and walking to raise funds for charity; the essential thing is that the choice is one which involves the individual. For more information, visit our Community Connections page and watch our TILL Games video.

Our group homes are well maintained and attractive.

Many of our residences are located near public transportation to allow easy access for daily needs such as shopping and recreation. Most group homes have cars or vans to assist with daily transportation and life needs such as shopping and recreation. Homes are well maintained by a professional crew of Property Managers and staff who update and decorate the homes together with the residents' input.

lowell kitchen

Learn more about being part of our residential programs.

TILL's residences are located throughout Massachusetts including Greater Boston, South Shore, North Shore, and Metro West areas. Referrals can be made from a variety of sources, including family members, the individual, public or private agencies, school systems, vocational services. Funding is arranged by the applicant through either public state agency funding or private funding. For more information, call Sandra Cummins, Director of Residential Services, 781-302-4624, or email sandy.cummins@tillinc.org.

"As my son grew older, it became apparent that I needed some very special care provider for him, one that would love him and take care of him as I would. TILL provided a real home, with loving care as good and as complete as I could ever give him. That is the single most important need a parent has and TILL has provided that for us."

John, parent
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