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Neurofeedback has been described as “biofeedback for the brain” and has been in use clinically for decades.  Using a painless, non-intrusive and non-invasive recording technique, participants get moment to moment information about fluctuations and changes in their brainwave activity, via auditory and visual feedback displayed on a computer screen. Over time, these “brain exercises” can have beneficial effects on behaviors, likely reflecting improvements in stability and flexibility in brain functioning.

Neurofeedback utilizes computer displays that are familiar and dynamic such as video games or movie/cartoon DVDs.  In part because of its engaging format, neurofeedback has become a potential means of treatment for a variety of issues, including autism, mood disorders, ADHD, brain trauma, learning disabilities and Asperger's Syndrome.

Training occurs over a series of clinically monitored neurofeedback sessions and is done under the strict guidance of a clinician who has been specially trained in this treatment modality.

Strattus is an affiliate member of EEG Spectrum International and staff have been professionally trained to administer neurofeedback sessions.

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"After starting neurofeedback my son is more together, more relaxed and easier to get along with. His motivation and focus have improved and now when he feels challenged by something, he seems to be more cognitively on top of it"

Strattus Neurofeedback participant
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