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There's no place like home.

Home is where you hang your hat—and make lifelong friends.
What is life like in a group home? How about lively debates over what to have for dinner? Shared laughter during an evening activity. Trips to the museums, parks and concerts. Decisions over chore lists, and where to take a summer vacation. In other words: typical life. And it's here that residents learn the skills they need to live as independently as possible.

How do you know which living arrangement is right? It's the one that feels right.

TILL offers a wide range of housing options—from structured, staffed, small group living to individualized support options. Coupled with a comprehensive assessment of residential and life skill areas together with interviewing and observation by experienced staff, we match small groups based on interests, age and ability. We pay close attention to our residents' needs, as well as to the homes themselves, to determine when maintenence, household and decorative upgrades are needed. We attend to changing needs: How have social, medical and behavioral needs changed? Are people ready for greater independence? Do they need more medical attention? How can we stay current with housing trends? All of these factors matter when it comes to feeling safe, happy and comfortable in your space.

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“Our dream for our 28 year old daughter was to find a safe residence with her peers, staffed by caring, dedicated individuals. TILL has more than fulfilled our dream by providing a close knit "family" whose members love and support each other in ways often not seen in "traditional" families.  For 12 years, our daughter has been happy in her home, and we have peace of mind.”

Andrea, Parent
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