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Support Services
In-Home Behavioral Services (IHBS) under the
Children's Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI)

The intent of the services TILL provides is to maximize the child's potential and prevent the need for a more restrictive environment. TILL utilizes BCBA, CANs certified clinicians, as well as input from our Strattus behavioral health team who have extensive experience in the field of developmental and intellectual disabilities. This enables them to develop professional assessments and evaluations to meet the specific needs of each family. The results are individually tailored programs and services encompassing the most urgent challenges that families experience on both a short and long term basis. IHBS is a distinct service that is different from ABA services. IHBS addresses a youth's (under the age of 21) behaviors that interfere with successful functioning in the community. Services are delivered by one or more members of a team consisting of professional and paraprofessional staff via a combination of Behavior Management Therapy and Behavior Management Monitoring, as described below:

In Home Behavior Training

TILL's In Home Behavior Services includes a behavioral assessment (observing the youth's behavior, antecedents of behaviors, and identification of motivators) and the development of a highly specific behavior plan with interventions that are designed to diminish, extinguish, or improve specific behaviors related to the youth's behavioral health condition(s). Supervision and coordination of interventions, and training other interveners to address specific behavioral objectives or performance goals are provided.

Behavior Management Monitoring

Behavior Management Monitoring includes implementation of the behavior plan developed by the Behavior Management Therapist as well as monitoring of the youth's behavior and reinforcing implementation of the behavior plan by the caregiver(s). Also included is progress reporting back to the Behavior Management Therapist on implementation of the behavior plan and progress toward behavioral objectives or performance goals so that the behavior plan may be modified as needed.

TILL works with the entire family

We believe that it is important to build a family's capacity to deal with their child. We believe in utilizing a team approach between the family, TILL staff and the child's school. By doing so, we are creating a service to minimize out of home placement and assure appropriate integration in the home and community. Given the varied population with which we have worked, TILL is able to offer a wealth of knowledge and expertise to those that we serve and teach people to look at small steps of success along the way to encourage and promote strength based interventions.

TILL's Safety-Care

TILL also provides a Safety-Care course by a certified trainer. This training program will be available for identified family members and other care givers age 18 and up, providing skills and interventions needed to reinforce alternative appropriate behaviors while learning to prevent, de-escalate, and manage potentially dangerous situations maximizing the safety of both the child and family members.

To learn more about these services, please contact:

Ann Cotter Mack
Director of Behavioral Services
Office: 781-302-4659
Fax: 781-234-1170
Email: anncm@tillinc.org

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