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Springboard Social Club and Springboard Prep

Springboard Members Website

A unique social club for adolescents and adults with learning differences, Asperger's syndrome, and other learning styles, Springboard Social Club is dedicated to expanding members’ social lives, exploring new interests, teaching and practicing social skills, in addition to learning the art of developing and maintaining long term relationships through this supportive environment. We are committed to working with our members to enhance self-esteem and become independent, confident, contributing citizens of the community.

Springboard Social Club is a membership club for adults. Small groups, facilitated by trained leaders, meet several times each month for social activities chosen by the group. Springboard Shared Interest Clubs (SIC) allow members to more fully participate in mutual interests including Adventure, Art, Theatre, Sports, and more. All Springboard Events offer exciting adventures, celebrations and social opportunities for all club members.


Springboard Prep, a high school component of TILL’s Springboard Social Club, offers social and skill building thru centrally located social activities, hands-on learning and instruction within a small group, with a dedicated leader.


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For more information call Dale Belcher at 781-302-4619 or email Dale.Belcher@tillinc.org


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Springboard has truly become an entrée into a full and enriched lifestyle for so many. Watch our Springboard video and learn why families and members alike say they don't' know what they would have done without Springboard.

Our group leaders are experienced, energetic and have a passion for bringing the best out of people by encouraging them to try new things and to do things for themselves. Group leaders bring their knowledge to create a wide range of programs that are tailored to the needs, interests, and skill levels of the participants. They understand how to provide the challenging yet supportive atmosphere members need to reach to their full potential.

All leaders are trained in behavior management and certified in CPR and First Aid.

Springboard Activities & Events

Springboard Members Website

Learn more or get started today.
For more information call Dale Belcher at 781-302-4619 or email Dale.Belcher@tillinc.org

"I wish I could express exactly how much happiness this group has brought to my sister and our family. As I sit here with my husband flipping through the tube, she is on her way back from a fun night with her group. It is a blessing and a dream come true, not to mention totally awesome.”

Colleen, sister
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