Job Description

Day Management Support Professional

Location: Merrimack Valley, Massachusetts
Type: Full-time/Part-time

Day Management Support Professional

The Day Management Support Professional is an integral position on the day services team. The primary responsibility is to assist on site group day programs with management, scheduling and administrative functions which will ensure the smooth operation of the program. He/she/they is directly responsible to the Senior Day Program Manager.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Be responsible for the programs functioning at an optimal level in the managers absence.
  • Maintain proper, current, and timely documentation for individual billing, (attendance).
  • Purchase (or authorize purchase of) program supplies and minor furnishings as described in budget description for program.
  • Be responsible for record keeping for individuals, budget, supplies, gas, and equipment.
  • Responsible for administrative duties, e.g., orienting new staff, coordinating staff training, with programs manager, and implementing agency policies.
  • Maintain good working relationships with individual families and/or residential staff and other relevant program staff.
  • Conduct internal program evaluation.
  • Maintain and monitor professional demeanor and conduct including punctuality, attendance, appearance and programmatic interactions.
  • Maintain proper physical upkeep and operation of the site.
  • Work with the Program Manager regarding day to day transportation issues, new PT1 requests and any changes.
  • Prepare staff schedules for each program monthly and update daily.
  • Prepare staff assignment lists for paper notes and reports
  • Prepare consultant assignment lists for reports and documents. Review invoices for accuracy.
  • Handle all medical, family, and guardian correspondence.
  • Enter tracking information on system sheets for billing, contracts, and completed tasks.
  • Responsible for reception coverage as needed and screening at entrances as needed and welcoming visitors.
  • Manage office supplies and deliveries in keeping with agency ordering system
  • Prepare referral schedules for assessment and intake


Minimum of high school diploma. Prefer Day program experience. Proficiency in written correspondence, computer skills and data collection methods and analysis. Must possess good grammatical and spelling skills for proofing of work. Must possess good oral skills to effectively communicate with public and other staff. Seeking an independent, self-starter, possessing the ability to work independently and/or with others.