Job Description

IHBS-Behavior Management Monitor

Location: Boston Metro
Type: PerDiem/Relief

IHBS- BEHAVIOR MANAGEMENT MONITOR -The Behavior Management Monitor of TILL’s In-Home Behavioral Services is a member of the professional staff who  provides IHBS services as a part of a team in accordance with contracted mandates; current clinical, professional and ethical expectations, and; agency IHBS based policies and procedures.


Clinical Responsibilities:

1.    Monitor the youth’s progress on implementation of the goals of the behavior plan developed by the Behavior Management Therapist.
2.    Providing coaching, support and guidance to the parent/guardian/caregiver in implementing the plan.
3.    Working closely with the Behavior Management Therapist to ensure the behavior management plans and risk management/safety plan are implemented as developed. Report to the Behavior Management Therapist if the youth is not achieving goals and objectives set forth in the behavior management plan so that the Behavior Management Therapist can modify the plan as necessary.
4.    Document services provided as required.
5.    Meet and or communicate with Therapist and referring agency weekly. During this meeting reviews current caseload and status of intervention to ensure coordination of services agencies.
6.    Communicates with collaterals regularly.
7.    Attends IEP, Care Plan or other relevant meetings.
8.    Maintains contact/exchanges case-specific information with other service providers.
9.    Maintains service productivity standards, minimum 10-12 hours per week.
10.    Follows policies and procedures as outlined in the in-home behavioral policy and procedure manual.


1- Bachelor’s Degree in one of the following:

Counseling, Anthropology, Child Development/Family Relations, Counseling/Guidance, Criminal Justice, Drama, Therapy, Education, Health Administration, Health Education, Music Therapy, Nursing/Medicine, Occupational Therapy, Pastoral Counseling, Psychology, Recreational Therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling, Social Work, Sociology, Special Education, Vocational Counseling and one (1) year of direct relevant experience working with youth and families who require behavior management.


2- An associate’s degree  (that is  on the Managed Care Approved list) and a minimum of two (2) years of relevant direct service experience working with youth and families who require behavior management to address mental health records.



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