Job Description

Licensed Practical Nurse

Location: South Shore
Type: Full-time/Part-time



The Licensed Practical Nurse is responsible for assisting in the coordination and provision of health care services.  The goal of nursing care is to ensure that each individual reaches and maintains his/her optimal level of functioning in the least restrictive environment.  The Licensed Practical Nurse works as a member of the nursing team within the Health Services department and reports directly to the Director of Health Services and Residential RN.


1.    Monitor and manage routine and episodic health care and medical needs as defined in the individual health care plans and as needs arise.

2.    Administer individual medications and treatments as prescribed.

3.    Ensure proper storage of all medications in accordance with state regulations.

4.    Maintain medical supplies and equipment.

5.    Keep residence staff and day programs informed of health problems.

6.    Attend weekly staff meetings.

7.    Maintain current and complete medical files.

8.    Write episodic and monthly health care progress notes.

9.    Maintain current and accurate medical charts and records.

10.    Assist with writing and implementing health care plans in conjunction with RN.

11.    Participate in routine direct care activities, including personal care and hygiene, mealtime activities, individual activities and programs.

12.    Implement of individual training programs, including, but not limited to, self-medication, tooth brushing and feeding programs.

13.    Schedule and accompany all individuals to high profile medical and dental appointments.

14.    Accompany and assisting individuals with emergency evaluations and treatments.


Licensed Practical Nurse
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15.    Act as liaison with hospital staff during individual hospitalization.

16.    Assist in staff in-service training.

17.    Other health care duties as assigned by supervisor.

18.    Make sure on-call nurse is notified upon admission and discharge for all planned procedures in a hospital setting.


Current LPN license and one year experience. A valid driver's license and vehicle are required.  Must possess good written and oral skills to effectively communicate individuals' needs and goals.  Must be able to physically assist individuals in activities of daily living, including lifting, hand-over-hand assistance, and passive restraints. Experience working with individuals who have developmental disabilities preferred. CPR is a condition of employment.