An Important Message to the TILL Community

A Letter from Dafna Krouk-Gordon, Founder and President, to members of our TILL Community:

There are no words to express the emotions resulting from George Floyd’s tragic death. As an organization, TILL stands for the values of equality regardless of one’s race, ethnic background, religion, gender, and ability. Each person reading this letter has been a part of making life a better place for people with different needs and learning styles. It is therefore even more disheartening, disappointing and disgusting to know that hatred, inequality, systemic racism and bigotry are still very much alive.

Whether you are working for TILL as an employee, a volunteer or are connected to TILL because we support you and or your family, you have been part of the message of equality. Collectively, we have made a difference in society’s views of the value of every human being. We have never been complacent or arrogant in thinking that our work was done. But this heinous death proves that we must speak this message even louder and with more emphasis on everyone’s value, than ever before. The events of these past weeks have been horrific. Whether it is the views held by the few or by many, is irrelevant. They are views which cannot exist regardless of the numbers.

Inclusion, respect for differences and fairness are at the core of TILL’s culture. We need to be even more vocal as an organization to recognize that differences do not have a value judgement of right or wrong. Our strength as an agency comes from our diversity, our common ground of making a difference in someone else’s life through our relationships.

At TILL we are committed to increase the opportunities for dialogue among all staff, individuals and families to ensure that this culture is clearly articulated throughout the agency. Our Diversity and Inclusion Council will add to its membership to ensure that the conversation is real as we to continue to educate ourselves about issues of social justice, and push to recognize and confront any issues of injustice in our own organization. Please contact us at if you would like to know more about the committee. We will expand the training and conversation using our video discussions around race and equality within our required trainings. The 60 nationalities represented in our workforce brings us strength. We all need to continue learning from one another.

Hatred stems from fear of the unknown and of stereotypes that are seen as truths when left unchecked by one’s imagination. Let’s make it each of our responsibility to make sure we do our part to care for each other at this period of great unrest. Each one of us can continue to make a difference in eradicating hatred.

Dafna Krouk-Gordon
TILL Founder and President