Self-Directed Services

Agency with Choice

TILL is a qualified Agency with Choice provider, working in partnership with individuals and families in the design and implementation of customized supports based on their vision and need.  The individual and/or family member selects support staff and determines work hours and terms of employment. TILL provides Human Resource, Payroll, and Administrative Support. TILL and the Individual/ Family share in training and evaluating employees.  For more information on Agency with Choice, please contact Alan White, Director of Individualized Support Options, at 781.302.4695 or


Rewarding work connecting you to care

Rewarding Work – Connecting to Care

Rewarding Work, an affiliate of TILL, offers an online directory and job board which enables individuals and families to find and hire caregivers to provide respite, in-home and community support workers.

Subscriptions are free to those receiving DDS supports or involved in Self-Directed programs.

Rewarding Work