TILL Announces New Pay Raises

Every staff member at TILL uniquely contributes to our agency goal: helping people be as independent as possible – enjoying life in the community, having fun and constantly learning – being the best they can be. To recognize current staff and to recruit new staff, we are pleased to announce increases in pay and benefits. Effective 11/27/22, the base pay for Day and Residential Support professionals increases to $20 per hour. Recruitment bonuses were recently increased and employees now can earn as much as $2,000 for referring a day or residential manager who is successfully hired. Retention bonuses reward employee longevity, with over $480,000 given in one year. Travel reimbursement increased to $.55 per mile to help offset the high price of oil and gas.

Benefits-wise, TILL will increase its 403B retirement plan contribution, matching 15% of an eligible employee’s contribution; and will continue to pay 75% of an employee’s health plan. Employees enrolled in college or with college debt can benefit from tuition reimbursement, remission and student debt relief programs. In 2023, TILL will introduce new scholarships, training and certification programs to encourage employees to obtain valuable credentials and to climb the career ladder. Other program offerings, such as our international educational travel program, provide exceptional benefits uniquely available at TILL. 

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to TILL’s mission.