Personal Care (PCA) Services

Beginning January 1, 2020, TILL Personal Care Management (PCM) Services has shifted focus to supporting Seniors and their families in accessing and managing their PCA supports.  These vital services can often allow a person requiring personal care and support to remain in their own home, and we are proud to support this mission through our partnership with Senior Care Options (SCOs) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs).

If you are under 65, and seeking assistance in MassHealth PCA program management, please visit MassHealth for additional information and resources.  

Our PCM Team Works with You to get the Most from your Services

TILL's PCM Services include support, training and resources to MassHealth recipients age 65+ receiving in-home personal care.  We partner with Senior Care Options (SCOs) and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) to provide the help you need to maintain this vital service.

  • Assistance with Eligibility and Documents
    TILL's experienced Clinical Team meets with the person and family at the home or hospital to complete a comprehensive evaluation to determine eligibility and submit the required documentation for pre-authorization to MassHealth.
  • Training and Resources
    Once approved, TILL's PCM Skills Trainer works with the consumer and family, providing resources, training, and support in recruiting, hiring and training the PCA and in navigating the required documentation.
  • Ongoing Support
    TILL's Skills Trainer provides personalized and ongoing support and works with individuals to ensure that they are receiving all of the services they need and for which they are eligible.

"I'd like to thank everybody for being there, helping us. I think you are all the greatest!"